Agro-Based Industries: Meaning, Constraints and Suggestions.

Essay on Minerals: Meaning, Occurrence and Mining.

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Mineral Based Industries Essay Definition

What is the importance of industries to our country.

In this essay we will discuss about:- 1. Meaning of Agro-Based Industries 2. Constraints of Agro-Based Industries 3. Suggestions. Meaning of Agro-Based Industries: Agro-based industries need a special mention since their importance in the Indian context gets further enhanced because of the following factors: (a) Agro-based industries are comparatively easy to establish and provide income in.

Mineral Based Industries Essay Definition

Agro-Based Industries in India -

The development of new technologies has benefits for the mineral industries throughout this full life cycle and for every major component of the mineral industries: exploration, mining (physical extraction of the material from the Earth), processing, associated health and safety issues, and environmental issues. The committee recommends that research and development be focused on technology.

Mineral Based Industries Essay Definition

Small And Medium Enterprises And Larger Scale Businesses.

Mineral Based Industries: The industries that receive raw materials primarily from minerals such as iron and steel, aluminium and cement industries fall in this category. 3. Pastoral-Based Industries: These industries depend upon animals for their raw material. Hides, skins, bones, horns, shoes, dairy, etc. are some of the pastoral-based industries. 4. Forest Based Industries: ADVERTISEMENTS.


Industries can be divided under the two heads ( a ) Mineral-based industries ( b ) Agro-based industries. The industries like iron, steel, cement, aluminum and copper which draw the raw material from minerals are called mineral-based industries. The industries which draw their raw material from agriculture and forests are called agro-based.

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Essay on the Small Scale Industries in India (484 Words). Thus, the Tata Iron and Steel Industry can be classified as a mineral-based industry, a basic or key industry, a large-scale industry, labour-intensive industry, private sector industry and a heavy industry. Small Scale Industries: Small scale industries may be defined as industrial units with a capital investment of not more than Rs.

Forests, Source of Life for the Forest-Based Industries.

Definition: The branch of manufacture and trade based on the fabrication, processing, or preparation of products from raw materials and commodities. This includes all foods, chemicals, textiles, machines, and equipment. This includes all refined metals and minerals dirrived from extracted ores. This includes all lumber, wood, and pulp products. Definition Source: Standard Industrial.

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Forest based industries were encouraged because of its rural identity and its ability to solve the problem of unemployment and poverty. In addition, the policy makers had also perceived that natural resource based industrial development is a pre-requisite for the economic development of less developed countries like India. Hence, the Government, both at the Centre and State encouraged.


Wood-based industries like paper, match-sticks, furniture need a substantial amount of wood supply. Wood is used as fuel most commonly and so large amount of trees are cut down for fuel supplies. Firewood and charcoal are used as fuel. Agricultural Activities. The conversion of forests into agricultural land is a big reason for deforestation. Due to overgrowing demand for food products, many.

Cottage industries are forest-based (timber, firewood, charcoal, bamboo products) and mineral-based (asbestos, coal, chromite, iron ore, mica, and kyanite). Having once constituted a segment of the ancient continent of Gondwanaland, this land is the oldest and most stable in India.


The use of minerals depends upon its deposits. Some countries are rich in mineral deposits, while others have no deposits. The greatest use of minerals depends on its properties. For instance, Aluminum is light, strong and durable in nature, so it is used for aircraft, shipping, and car industries. Minerals are used in almost all industries.

Mineral Based Industries Essay Definition

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The metals and minerals we rely on in our everyday life is staggering. If you really take a moment to think about it, look around to observe the objects you are surrounded by which are not manufactured by plant-based resources. From the cement you walk on to the screen you are reading, our world and our way of life depends on the products of.

Mineral Based Industries Essay Definition

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There are many types of industrial wastewater based on the different industries and the contaminants; each sector produces its own particular combination of pollutants (see Table 1). Sector Pollutant Iron and steel BOD, COD, oil, metals, acids, phenols, and cyanide Textiles and leather BOD, solids, sulfates and chromium Pulp and paper BOD, COD, solids, Chlorinated organic compounds.

Mineral Based Industries Essay Definition

Mineral Resources - Examples, Types, Characteristics.

Streak is often a better way to identify a mineral, which is the color that shows up when a mineral is scraped across an unglazed porcelain plate. However, minerals with non-metallic luster all.

Mineral Based Industries Essay Definition

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Some of the other key industries of the state include art and crafts, weaving, cane and bamboo, horticulture, power and mineral based industry. Due to its topography, the state has varied agro-climatic conditions suitable for horticulture of flowers and aromatic and medicinal plants. Arunachal Pradesh is home to 601 species of orchids, or 52 per cent of the species of orchids known in India.

Mineral Based Industries Essay Definition

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Cement, in general, adhesive substances of all kinds, but, in a narrower sense, the binding materials used in building and civil engineering construction. Cements of this kind are finely ground powders that, when mixed with water, set to a hard mass. Learn more about cement in this article.

Mineral Based Industries Essay Definition

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The method is based primarily on whether the mineral is soft rock (i.e., coal) or hard rock (often those containing hard metals like copper or lead), and is often site specific—taking geologic, economic, and safety factors into consideration. In hard rock mining, blasting occurs in order to unearth the waste rock, separating it from the mineral deposit. Ventilation is a priority in order to.

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