What will be the conclusion of my tsunami project?? A bit.

Essay on Tsunami The Natural Disaster.

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Tsunami Essay Conclusion

Essay on the Tsunami of 26th December 2004.

What will be the conclusion of my tsunami project?? A bit long answer 2 See answers Answers snape Ambitious; Now at the end i conclude that tsunami is one of the ultimate natural disaters which will lead to the loss of several lives and propeties. governmet of different countries and states especially from the areas near coastal region must take various useful measures to decrease the loss.

Tsunami Essay Conclusion

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Tsunamis Table of Contents 1 Introduction: 2 Impact to human life: 3 Impact to Non-human life: 4 Impact to the Environment: 7 Impact to the Economy: 8 American Red Cross Assistance: 9 Conclusion: 13 Bibliography: 14 Introduction: A massive Tsunami (Japanese for “Harbor wave”) had hit southern Asia the day after Christmas 2004. The cause of the Tsunami was an offshore earthquake that.

Tsunami Essay Conclusion

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Conclusion The fact that tsunamis are caused primarily by earthquakes that occur on the floor of the ocean and that oceans always have human beings in close vicinity is astounding. No ocean has ever been left in isolation with the foreknowledge that an earthquake could occur in it and thus cause a tsunami.


Conclusion. Earthquakes shake the ground surface, can cause buildings to collapse, disrupt transport and services, and can cause fires. They can trigger landslides and tsunami. Earthquakes occur mainly as a result of plate tectonics, which involves blocks of the Earth moving about the Earth's surface. The blocks of rock move past each other along a fault. Smaller earthquakes, called foreshocks.

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Hundreds also died in Africa, while thousands of foreign travellers were killed in the disaster, including 26 Australians. The Boxing Day tsunami in 2004 is believed to be the deadliest tsunami in history, killing more than 229,000 people (ABC, 2014). Figure 1. Deaths and damage caused by the Boxing Day Tsunami on December 26, 2004.

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Conclusion References conclusion Earthquakes are hard to understand and are dangerous to live through. Many people might have never experienced an earthquake or might never experience one. Whatever your situation everyone should be prepared and know how to deal with one. Predictions can be told, but is there evidence that proves it all? Forecasting of earthquakes falls on knowledge of past.

The Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami of 2004 Essay.

The conclusion might make the new but related point that the novel on the whole suggests that such an integration is (or isn't) possible. Finally, some advice on how not to end an essay: Don't simply summarize your essay. A brief summary of your argument may be useful, especially if your essay is long--more than ten pages or so. But shorter.


The tsunami of 2004 was a very devastating loss for many people around the eastern coast of India. It caused a lot of damage to the area. Even though the tsunami was pretty bad, some of the effected countries were able to start quickly recovering. The tsunami was a very traumatic experience for people in east India. It caused destruction in.

Introduction. The tsunami of December 26 th 2004 was a natural disaster that occurred in the Indian Ocean. According to Shibayama (2005), the tsunami was caused by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake which released 23,000 Hiroshima-type atomic bombs in terms of energy.


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Tsunami Essay Conclusion

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A tsunami is a natural disaster which is a series of fast-moving waves in the ocean caused by powerful earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, or simply an asteroid or a meteor crash inside the ocean. A tsunami has a very long wavelength. It can be hundreds of kilometers long. Usually, a tsunami starts suddenly. The waves travel at a great speed across an ocean with little energy loss.

Tsunami Essay Conclusion

Impact of 2004 Tsunami in the Islands of Indian Ocean.

But for coastal areas, a far greater danger can strike later: the dreaded tsunami. With the speed of a tornado and the blast of a volcano eruption, a tsunami can displace people, elements of nature, and monuments of human construction. More effort needs to be put into detection systems so that people can better prepare for the impact that a tsunami can have.

Tsunami Essay Conclusion

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Tsunami detection is not easy because while a tsunami is in deep water it has little height and a network of sensors is needed to detect it. Setting up the communications infrastructure to issue timely warnings is an even bigger problem, partiIn the aftermath of the disaster, there is now an awareness of the need for a tsunami warning system for the Indian Ocean. The United Nations started.

Tsunami Essay Conclusion

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Conclusions. The west coast of British Columbia is susceptible to tsunami inundation from many sources around the Pacific Rim. Teletsunamis pose a large risk due to the size of coastline affected, however, a large magnitude earthquake at the Cascadia subduction zone has the potential to create a devastating tsunami in local coastal areas, including Bamfield, Port Alberni, and Victoria in the.

Tsunami Essay Conclusion

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Argumentative Essay: Solutions for Tsunamis Tsunamis can be absolutely devastating for all forms of life on earth. The 2004 Boxing Day tsunami in South East Asia alone killed over 23,000 people and caused a humanitarian crisis on an almost unprecedented scale. It is impossible to prevent tsunamis from happening, as they are caused by earthquakes or volcanic eruptions under the water, both.

Tsunami Essay Conclusion

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In conclusion, balance is required between reaching corporate goals (e.g. sales and profit targets) and ethical practices such that they are not mutually exclusive. For example, if remuneration structures change to encourage better dissemination of information, productivity could possibly decrease due to a lack of incentive. Yet, if they remain the same, the motivation for selling may be wrong.

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